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Joel Mason - Guitarist for VERLA

A long long time ago, in a city far far away...Joel and his Portland, Oregon based band, Verla, released an album called "Verla's Trace."  Lyrically visual, the album is loaded with intricate guitar melodies and superb songwriting.

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Circa 1995:

"Verla’s Trace is a six-piece group that owes its inspiration (and name) 
to the grandmother who first encouraged the musicality of brothers 
Fuzzy Rasmussen (bass), Pete Rasmussen (keyboards and synth winds), 
John Rasmussen (drums) and cousin Chris Blair (lead vocals and acoustic 
guitar). Other members include guitarist Dennis Leontyev, a 5-year 
Portland transplant from St. Petersburg, Russia; and guitarist Joel 
Mason. Playing all-original music, Verla’s Trace has the vocals and 
stage presence of U2 combined with the ethereal sound of Pink Floyd - 
which tends to find Verla’s Trace alternating between slow and fast